How do I get my E-DUO to stop leaking water?

Oh no, bubbles overboard! Don't worry though. We can help.

Check out this awesome guide for assistance.



Follow the below instructions to help stop your E-DUO Sparkling Water Maker from overflowing:

  •  Make sure you are filling the Glass Carafe / BPA Free carbonating bottle with water to the fill line only (0.84L).
  • Carbonate water only. Flavors should only be added after carbonation.
  • Make sure you are using the 1L bottle or 1L Glass carafe (both with fill line 0.84L) with your E-DUO Sparkling Water Maker. The E-DUO is only compatible with the 1L glass carafe or 1L BPA free carbonating bottle. To check how to show the bottles
  • Try reinserting your bottle and push the carbonating head down. Make sure the bottle flask is properly locked with the carbonating head and the carbonating tube is inside the bottle. Hold the carbonating head down and turn the flask lever left to the locked position to ensure safety.
  • Carbonate by pressing one of the three buttons to achieve your desired carbonation level.


For more assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 1-800-763-2258 Mon-Fri 9 am-7 pm EST.