SodaStream Limited Warranty


Great care has been taken to ensure that your Sparkling Water Maker was delivered to you in good condition. SodaStream warrants, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this limited warranty, that your Sparkling Water Maker will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal home use for 2 (two) years following the date of purchase.

It is recommended that you register your Sparkling Water Maker online by visiting our site and entering your Sparkling Water Maker details. When you register, you'll receive an additional 2-year warranty (4 years total!)

If your Sparkling Water Maker malfunctions within the warranty period, and we determine the problem is due to faulty workmanship or materials, SodaStream will repair or replace it free of charge at SodaStream's discretion within the limitations set out in this warranty. SodaStream may replace your Sparkling Water Maker with a reconditioned Sparkling Water Maker, or an equivalent one if the model you purchased is no longer available. No refunds shall be given. This limited warranty is available to consumers who purchased the Sparkling Water Maker for personal, family or household use.

This warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • Abuse, misuse, alteration of the Sparkling Water Maker, or commercial use;
  • Damage resulting from carbonating liquids other than water;
  • Normal wear and tear (e.g. discoloration);
  • Product malfunctions that were a result, in whole or in part, by alteration, disassembly, or repair of the Sparkling Water Maker by a servicer other than an authorized SodaStream Service Center;
  • Damage resulting from the use of cylinders or carbonating bottles other than those approved by SodaStream for use with your Sparkling Water Maker;
  • Damage resulting from use of the Sparkling Water Maker with an adapter valve;
  • Damage resulting from the use of an expired carbonating bottle;
  • Damage caused by accident, shipment or anything other than normal household use;
  • The carbonating bottles

SodaStream is not liable for incidental or consequential damages. The consumer's sole and exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement according to the terms and conditions of this warranty. Some local laws do not allow the exclusion or limitation of these damages, so these exclusions may not apply to you. To the extent that this warranty is inconsistent with local law, this warranty shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such local law.

You may also have other rights, which vary in accordance with local laws. The benefits given to the consumer by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies that may be afforded to the consumer by law in relation to this Sparkling Water Maker.


If your Sparkling Water Maker is in need of warranty service, please contact your local SodaStream Customer Service by visiting [] and selecting your country to find your local contact details. A SodaStream representative will give you specific instructions on how to arrange for the shipment of your Sparkling Water Maker, at your expense, to one of our authorized service centers. Only SodaStream, or its agents, are authorized to provide warranty repairs or service to your Sparkling Water Maker. Repair by a third party voids the warranty.


California residents may also obtain warranty service by returning any malfunctioning Sparkling Water Maker directly to a retail store that sells similar SodaStream products. At the retail store’s discretion, it may either replace the product or arrange for shipment to a SodaStream repair facility. Product registration is not a prerequisite for warranty protection.


If SodaStream or its authorized agents determine that the malfunction or damage is not covered by the warranty, SodaStream will repair the Sparkling Water Maker only upon payment of the determined repair charge.


Your Sparkling Water Maker has been designed to operate with a SodaStream CO2 cylinder. The use of other CO2 cylinders is not recommended as they may not be compatible with a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker. Damages resulting from the use of a cylinder other than a SodaStream cylinder are not covered by the warranty. The SodaStream CO2 cylinder is provided to you under license. The license allows you to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one .


Your Sparkling Water Maker has been designed to operate with a suitable SodaStream carbonating bottle. Damages resulting from the use of a bottle other than a suitable SodaStream carbonating bottle are not covered by the warranty. Before each use, check the expiration date on the carbonating bottle, and check for damage and deformation. Replace expired, damaged or deformed carbonating bottles with new ones.