How do I insert the cylinder into my ART Sparkling Water Maker?

It’s easy to get the sparkling started with our new Quick Connect Cylinder. Just follow the instructions below to get bubbling!

*Please note that the blue, screw-system cylinders are not compatible with your ART Sparkling Water Maker.

  1. Place the ART Sparkling Water Maker on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position.
  2. If a carbonating bottle is inside, remove the bottle. Never insert or replace the cylinder while a carbonating bottle is in the ART Sparkling Water Maker.
  3. Remove the back cover by pulling it away from the body of the Sparkling Water Maker while placing one hand on top of the Sparkling Water Maker.
  4. Raise the pink cylinder handle.
  5. Remove the pink seal and cap from the Quick Connect Cylinder. Insert the cylinder into the cylinder holder by positioning the bottom of the cylinder into the Sparkling Water Maker and then gently placing the rest of the cylinder into the cylinder holder.
  6. Lower the pink handle.
  7. Replace the back cover by fitting the upright tab at the bottom into the rear slot at the base of the Sparkling Water Maker. Then push the cover into place onto the back of the Sparkling Water Maker.

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